Jesus Christ; God’s Gift to man!

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Jesus Christ; God’s

Gift to man!


The “Christmas” season is already upon us and it appears to be commencing earlier and earlier each year; commercially, that is. I admit I enjoy the Christmas season. People typically are much more amiable, good-natured, and there is a tranquility and camaraderie present in the air during that time of year. However, it’s business as usual.  The United States economy depends greatly on the spending of the American people during the Christmas season (upwards of 30% of annual income). Tragically, the real reason of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, is nebulous, obscured, or even eradicated all together; typically because of people’s avariciousness. On one hand, stores remain open longer, products are elaborately and strategically advertised, vast amounts of merchandise is stocked, and prices are desperately and drastically slashed by merchants hoping to allure spend-thrifty consumers into their stores. While on the other hand, people shop religiously and rigorously, amass things they do not need, exceed set budgets, and accrue financial debt which might take years to abolish.


This all culminates with the bandying back and forth of Christmas gifts on December twenty-fourth or twenty fifth.  Any repercussions that have resulted from extravagant spending leading up to the “Christmas day” crescendo are usually set aside until the New Year begins. Eggnog libations heavily infused with alcohol, aid in a temporary much-needed anesthetization from all the previous stress and anguish brought on by the required lengthy shopping sprees and accrued debt. Amazingly, this self-abusive behavior will be voluntarily repeated again the following year. For the most part, financially, the Christmas season does more harm than good to people. And spiritually, Jesus Christ is becoming less and less significant to the Christmas season, and sadly, even among many professing Christians.


Soon I fear Jesus Christ will completely disappear from the existence of this monumental and historical holiday. As I noted before, the birth of Jesus Christ, is the real meaning for celebrating Christmas, but soon it will become an archaic identifier of the “once was” meaning of Christmas. In many people’s vernacular, even Christ’s name is removed from the “Merry Christmas” designation. For example, many anti-Christian or atheist groups have removed all traces of Jesus Christ’s name in relation to the Christmas season, by referring to Christmas, as “X-Mas”. Sadly, even many professing Christians, are ignorantly and flippantly succumbing to this flagitious strategy, or, becoming desensitized to the subtlety of Satan’s strategic craftiness.  They’re willfully partaking in an anthropocentric Christmas, and even a Christ-less Christmas, by placing the emphasis on decorating, food, gift-giving, singing secular carols, entertaining, and even subjecting their children to the nefarious myth of “Santa Claus”. Such behavior from believers is nothing other than disillusioning, perplexing, and despicable. To Christians, Christ’ birth, ought to be an all-encompassing celebratory event during the Christmas season, because His atoning work for sinners is priceless and deserves to be extolled!


Now I’m not stating that celebrating the Christmas season in totality is necessarily wrong and sinful for Christians to observe, if their attitude is God-honoring (Romans 14:5). But what I am stating is that, Jesus Christ should be exalted, and not just another man-made decoration adorning a door, wall, window sill, ornament on a tree, a display next to Santa Claus, or eradicated altogether.  Cultural traditions can still be upheld while God is glorified throughout the Christmas season.  In fact, I strongly believe that the real meaning of Christmas should NEVER be veiled by believers, especially if entertaining those who do not know or believe in Jesus Christ! In fact it’s a great opportunity to demonstrate for non-believers, our eternal hope and joy, and therefore we should share the gospel with them.


Man gave God nothing, yet, God sacrificed His only Son, Jesus Christ, to pay for ALL the sins of those who would believe in Him (John 3:16,). And God’s gracious gift is not just limited to a season, and especially not absurdly to one single day; it is a year-round free gift, so financial debt is not required. Furthermore, reciprocity is also not required. No matter how poor and destitute someone may be, he can still fully and freely receive Jesus Christ without having to perform works or make a monetary purchase. The Apostle Paul wrote “… there is no partiality with God.” (Romans 2:11). In other words, whether someone is a billionaire or bankrupt, God’s gift of His Son is distributed freely and equally to all people.


Additionally, God’s love is lavished upon man unconditionally, even if he is ensnared in heinous sin and egregiously disobeying His commandments. Paul writes:  “but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Rom. 5:8).  In fact, God calls sinners, when they are dead in trespasses and unable to help themselves (Eph. 2:1).  So in essence, God’s gift of, Jesus Christ, is not only free, but given even to undeserving sinners dead in trespasses.


In closing, just imagine how difficult it would be, having to give a gift to someone who did not give you one in return. If that is not difficult for you to do, then imagine giving a gift to someone who did not deserve it, or repeatedly sinned against you; this might make it much more difficult, if not impossible to perform. But, that is exactly how God operates. What people deem insurmountable to accomplish, is typical for God. By mercy, He has given His only begotten Son Jesus Christ, who, knew no sin, but became sin on wretched man’s behalf; and became the only acceptable propitiation to God for sin.  Therefore, there is now no more condemnation for sin, to those who believe in Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ’s blood paid the price for it, and God therefore remembers sin no more! (John 3:16, 2 Cor. 5:21, Rom. 3:25, Heb. 2:17, 1 John 2:2, 4:10, Rom. 8:1, 1 Cor. 6:20, John 19:30, Isa. 43:25, Jer. 31:34).  Amen!