Spread the Gospel Boldly Not Reticently! {Part 3}

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It is a church leader’s obligation and responsibility to accurately identify the context of a passage, properly exegete it, and then convey it to his congregation. Also, they must disregard the many requests and temptation to preach ear-tickling sermons catering to felt needs or emotions. (2 Tim. 4:2-5).   Furthermore, they must refrain from caving-in to the ever-increasing pressure applied by an amoral government and culture; this could prove to be most difficult.  Our government, and sadly now our society is focused on squelching true churches from preaching the whole counsel of God, thus keeping all people ignorant. The implications are devastating to Christ’s church which is already practicing flagrant sin.  In fact, liberal groups who hate God’s commands, strive to legalize sin, empowering them to apply serious repercussions to orthodox churches.  Recognizing our modern-day culture helps us to realize that it is not only our church leaders responsibility to teach ALL of God’s Word soundly, and it is also every Christians’ duty to study and spread the Gospel as well; it is biblically mandated.


By contrast, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not similar to political campaigns.  For instance, in politics, incumbents strategize to gain voter popularity. In fact, everything politicians do or say is predicated upon catering to the majority of voter’s desires and then promising to fulfill those desires.  They do this in order to gain support and ultimately votes. Unfortunately, this usually encompasses mitigating or eradicating truth, (humanly speaking) and promising whatever is necessary to lure voters. In essence, it’s all about popularity, with no intention to fulfill those promises.  Aren’t we blessed to know the Gospel of Jesus Christ does not work this way?! All of God’s promises which are written in the Bible have been fulfilled or will be; one-hundred percent of the time!  So, in reality, the Word of God is diametrically opposed to all political strategies. Thus, all ordained and faithful men of God, considers not the desires of the people, remaining solely focused on glorifying Jesus Christ, while reaching the lost and encouraging saints to live holier lives.


Unfortunately, many church leaders are making theological errors, by incorporating philosophically based worldly traditions and flesh-pleasing events, meanwhile treating their congregants similar to a politicians voter. They attempt to appease their congregation, while appealing to non-believers, and to do so, they mitigate the perspicuity of Scripture and water down the Gospel message.  If  pastors held strictly to following biblical guidelines, people’s fleshly desires would be of no relevance, while proclaiming the Truth. The Bible contains the perfect anthropological diagnosis and prognosis of man’s natural state. Therefore, we must speak God’s entire truth as written in Scripture, because it’s the “message” not the “method” that quickens souls!


In conclusion, Gospel messengers are typically unpopular; this is something they must pray and consider when opting for any biblical ministry. In fact, in the Bible virtually all Apostles, prophets, or servants of God, suffered persecution or martyrdom while in God’s service.  If the natural man is left to his own desires, he will prefer deceivers rather than truth-bearers, vice rather than virtue, humor rather than gravity, and hypocrisy rather than integrity. This is clearly evident when the multitude screamed for Pontius Pilate to release the flagitious criminal Barabbas. While they vociferously yelled “crucify Him!” desiring the crucifixion of the innocent and sinless Jesus Christ. (Matt. 27:20-23, Luke 23:31).  Although he found no fault in Jesus, Pilate succumbed to the demands of the obstreperous mob and released Barabbas and condemned Jesus, giving the people what they desired!  So, fulfilling the desires of ignorant and unenlightened people, in this case, led to the crucifixion of the Son of God!  As we read God’s inculcative illustrations throughout the Bible we learn we must never to alter or deviate from His written Word!  ~Read part 4, of “Spread the Gospel Boldly, Not reticently” next week.


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